8 Instant Approval Ad Networks in September 2021 For Small Websites

Quick/Fast/Instant Approval Ad Networks: spending like a couple of months, you are still not getting approval for the monetization of your blog. Yeah, it happens with most of the publishers and this is very sad. We try our best in writing blogs and what we get? Just rejections and rejections of those so-called best Ad Networks, i.e Google Adsense.

Yeah, you hear right, Google Adsense. It is one of the best Ad Network so far with so many competitors like Media.net, PopAds, Infolinks, etc. And people who have used Google Adsense, and they know how hard it is to get AdSense approval with a new email in countries like India. People are so confused that why Google doesn’t tell the exact issue with the website that is stopping it to get monetized.

Well, that is a mystery. Hope in future Google will solve it and tell the publishers the exact issues with their websites. But till then, if you are tired of Adsense approval rejections, then it’s a good recommendation to stop re-applying again and again. Because there are some of the best Ad Networks with instant approval. Yeah! So, what are you thinking? Keep reading our article till the end if you really are looking for getting your website/blog monetized soon.

But How an Instant Approval is Possible? Are these Ad Networks real?

Yes, there are some Ad Networks that provide a very quick, instant monetization approval for publishers and it seems impossible but it is 100% true. But how is instant approval is possible? My friend, everything is possible, as it totally depends upon the Ad Network’s company. Some Ad Networks just don’t require so many terms & conditions to be followed. But indeed there are some who see quality blogs, monthly traffic, and other things. Well, let’s get started with the list of instant approval ad networks.

List of Ad Networks with Instant Approval

  • Propeller Ads
  • Revenuehits
  • PopAds
  • Media.net
  • Infolinks
  • Adnow
  • Amazon Associates
  • Adsterra

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the best Ad Networks that you can use to get an instant monetization approval for your website. They are famous because of their multiple ad formats and other cool features. The following are the advantages of using Propeller Ads and the reason you should use it.

Advantages of Propeller Ads:

  • One of the most important things, why you are here, is the instant approval, Yeah! Propeller Ads is the one for you in that case.
  • Minimum withdrawal is just $5 which is pretty cool for small publishers (who just can’t wait to reach $100, and that’s hard for most of the small publishers).
  • Another advantage is weekly payouts (every Thursday), awesome right? And you can use PayPal, ePayments, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, & Skrill.
  • Also, who are tired of those monthly traffic requirements in some Ad Networks, Propeller Ads don’t require any minimum traffic.
  • Now, talk about ads, they use robust ad optimization techniques to increase the publisher’s revenue.
  • And ad formats like, push notification, pop-under, banner ads, are the popular ones supported by Propeller Ads.



Revenuehits is another best Ad Network if you are looking for instant/quick monetization approval, that you are actually looking for. So, why use this Ad Network? There are some benefits and advantages you can get using it and they are the following.

Advantages of Revenuehits:

  • Yup, instant approval is true. Looks like everyone here hates Google Adsense, for sure, because of the approval time.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $20, which is not that big amount and helpful even for newbies.
  • No minimum traffic requirement, what a relief!
  • Payment can be done by PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.
  • Ad formats like display ads, pop ads, banner ads, footer, etc.



PopAds is another instant approval Ad Network that you can try using in 2020 even if you are new. PopAds provide so many exciting features for publishers. Some of the advantages of using PopAds are:

Advantages of PopAds:

  • No minimum traffic requirement and instant monetization approval.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is $5 and you don’t have to wait for weeks & months, you can request money withdrawal anytime.
  • Ad formats like pop-up, pop-under is mostly famous and profitable using PopAds Ad Network.
  • Payment can be withdrawal using PayPal, AlertPay, & Wire Transfer.



Media.net is from one of the best Ad Networks present today for publishers that you can use. If we talk about its approval, it is not instant but fast compared to so many Ad Networks. Using Media.net will give you many advantages that are not available in other Ad Networks as well.

Advantages of Media.net:

  • High profit can be done by attracting U.S. visitors.
  • High eCPM and RPM rates as compared to the other Ad Networks.
  • Awesome contextual Ad Network with so many ad formats.
  • Media.net is the best alternative to Google Adsense.
  • Ad optimization is easy.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $100, I know that is high but once you understand Media.net features, it won’t take you much to earn higher than this.
  • Payment can be done monthly via Wire Transfer, Payoneer payment methods.



Infolinks Ad Network is popular for publishers & advertisers all over the world. It’s because of the simplicity with the features they provide with various ad formats. Some of the advantages Infolinks Ad Network provides are:

Advantages of Infolinks:

  • Infolinks Ad Network offers a quick monetization approval for publishers and there isn’t any minimum traffic requirement.
  • Infolinks share 65% of revenue to their publishers and it is so good as compared to many Ad Networks.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is $50 if you using PayPal payment transfer and $100 for Wire Transfer. Other payment methods include Payoneer, ACH, eCheck.



Adnow is native advertising based Ad Network that can be a good option for small publishers, newbies, and small app developers. It supports multiple platforms and their ad units provide a higher CTR rate as well. The following are some advantages of Adnow Ad Network that can help you make the right decision.

Advantages of Adnow:

  • The minimum withdrawal on Adnow is just $20 and the payment can be done weekly and that’s the best thing about this Ad Network as you don’t have to wait for so many days.
  • Approval is quick and easy. Ads can be placed on your website and mobile apps.
  • If you have problems regarding language support, Adnow can be your best choice because it supports many languages like Japanese, Italiano, Espanol, Bahasa Indonesia, Portugues, Roman, etc.
  • The payment methods are kinda different in many options like $20 from Paypal &, Web Money, ePayments, and $200 from Wire Transfer.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate is a type of Affiliate marketing Ad Network that can be very helpful for publishers. And also, it is a quick approval ad network that can help you to make profits. But how does it work? Well, you have a website with around 7-8 thousand daily visitors and still, your website isn’t getting a monetization approval from other Ad Networks, i.e, Google Adsense. And you apply for Amazon Associate marketing program and people who visit your blog/website, they find those items (in the form of ads) and buy them, then you will receive some amount of money from there and this is called affiliate marketing. Some of the advantages of using Amazon Associate are:

Advantages of Amazon Associates:

  • It’s an easy way to earn money even for publishers who aren’t getting approval from other Ad Networks.
  • It’s free, easy to use and available for all.
  • If your blog has a good number of visitors daily, you may earn more profit whenever someone buys that product from your website’s ad.
  • It’s good for small publishers as well.
  • The payment system is kinda tricky that you will receive it after 60 days of the month like payment of the December month will be paid in late February and this goes on. Also, this will be done only if you have a minimum threshold of $10 but that is not a big issue.



Adsterra Ad Network is a good option if you want quick monetization approval and this ad network has multiple varieties in ads and it’s easy to use and implement. Some of the advantages of using Adsterra are:

Advantages of Adsterra:

  • It provides instant monetization approval, good for small publishers and serves multiple ad formats, like Pop-under, push-notifications, banner ads, video banners, etc.
  • They provide high CPM rates as compared to others as well with good security.
  • No minimum traffic requirement as well and payments can be done by PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Web Money, & Paxum.
  • Wire Transfer requires a minimum payment limit of $1000 and for others, it’s just $5 and payment can be done two times a month, at the start of the month (1st-2nd date), and at the mid of the month (16th-17th).


So what do you think about these quick/instant approval Ad Networks? After reading this article, we hope you will get some help choosing the best Ad Network for instant approval. If you are looking for some other informative topics on Ad Networks like best CPC Ad Network, small publishers Ad Networks, Best Ad Networks for Indian traffic, and others, you can visit our website. We also provide articles related to CPA Ad Networks, Best PPC Ad Networks, Top Paying CPC Keywords, and on the other awesome topics. Have a good day!

8 Fast/Instant Approval Ad Networks For Small Websites
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