Highest Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks in September 2021

CPC Ad Networks: If you are a blogger then you should know about Google Adsense and making money from ads. Well, Google Adsense is a very popular and high paying Ad Network for publishers. And like Google Adsense, there are many Ad Networks also available which can be used to monetize your websites and earn money.

In this article, you’ll find out the list of some top CPC Ad Networks which are highly profitable and can help you to earn money by blogging. Also, you will find out the advantages as well as the problems or difficulties you can face while using them. We will also discuss these top CPC Ad Networks in detail and if you are a small publisher or new in the blogging world, you can check our list down below the article.

List of some Top CPC Ad Networks

You can find so many Ad Networks if you search the web but I am here to provide you the information on some top CPC Ad Networks. These Ad Networks provide various features to their publishers and advertisers. But every Ad Network has rules & conditions that you need to follow. Rules & conditions in terms of monthly visitors, monthly traffic, payment method, payment time, etc. So, we bring you the top twelve Ad Networks which you use if you are a Publisher or Advertiser.

  1. Media.net
  2. Infolinks
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. Revcontent
  6. ClickAdilla
  7. RevenueHits
  8. Clickadu
  9. Adblade
  10. Hilltop Ads
  11. PopAds
  12. Sulvo



Media.net is a contextual advertising network. Contextual advertising means the ads that are displayed on the page will be based on the keywords used in the article. Also, it’s based on a user, I mean if someone is looking for a game website and search for that, the ads will be shown on that website will be gaming-related. Media.net Ad network is a good alternative to Google Adsense as a combination of Yahoo-Bing Ad Network.

Features of Media.net Ad Network

  • Media.net Ad Network is based on Contextual Advertising. Ads will be shown in the article will be based on the category which makes it profitable for publishers as well as advertisers
  • There are so many options for optimization of ads like the size of ads according to devices, the look of ads, etc
  • As 90% of the revenue comes from the US, you need good English to make them able to understand. Also, the CPC in countries like the US and Canada is high, you can earn a high amount



Infolinks is an Ad Network with hundreds of thousands of websites worldwide with hundreds of millions of monthly unique users and with billions of monthly ad views. It is a smart ad platform for publishers as well as advertisers. They have multiple unique ad units, it’s free to use with positive user experience.

Features of Infolinks Ad Network

  • Installation of ads in the article is very simple, we just need to copy the ad code and put it in the article. Also, approval time in Infolinks is short as compared to some Ad Networks
  • Also, in Infolinks Ad Network, there are a lot of optimization and control features for Ads. There are many unique Ad units are provided
  • Chatbots are included if we have any query and Infolinks team is very supportive
  • Only a good quality of Ads is shown
  • Even if your site has low traffic, it won’t stop you to earn from Infolinks, all it needs a quality blog
  • There are a lot of features for Advertisers and Publishers
  • For Advertisers, it helps you to find the best customer for your Ads, as it’s globally and in large-scale and also a budget advertising
  • For Publishers, they have a lot of features like stable revenue with reliable technology, incredible account management

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Everyone knows about Google Adsense, it’s worldwide famous Ad Network run by Google. It was released in 2003 and it’s based on web applications. Google Adsense technology shows ads based on website topics, content, and some other factors. Google Adsense is from some of the best and popular Ad Networks which shows perfect ads using machine learning and other techniques. It has millions of advertisers world-widely.

Features of Google Adsense Ad Network

  • Publishers can control ads on their pages, they can select ads types. It’s free and easy to use
  • It uses machine learning to show the best ads depends on your user’s taste also, you can choose where to put the ad code in your blog. Publishers have great control over ads
  • For publishers, Auto ads is a new feature which is provided in Google Adsense, by which you can save your time by adding multiple ad codes in your blog. You just have to copy one code in your article and other work will be done automatically by Google
  • For Advertisers, you just have to pay only when your ads are clicked. As it’s famous and worldwide, Google assures to find you the best customers for your product
  • For publishers, earning is dependent upon the cost-per-click, traffic, page CTR and many more factors
  • You can earn more by using high CPC keywords in your paragraph, also, you need some good on-page SEO techniques to rank your blog higher



It’s another Ad Network, which is easy to understand and implement. Approval is fast but some rules and conditions must be followed like no adult or illegal contents in the article. More than 190 countries use Bidvertiser Ad Network with hundreds of millions of daily ads served. Quality ads are provided, also it has thousand of websites network worldwide.

Features of Bidvertiser Ad Network

  • No minimum traffic is required and approval from Bidvertiser is fast and easy
  • The publisher has a lot of customization features with Ads appearance
  • It can be used on mobile and PC so do the ad formats
  • You can make money even when your visitors clicked the ad and purchase something



Revcontent is another popular Ad Network that can be used if you want to monetize your website as well as show the ads of your product. It helps the advertisers to finds the right audience for their product. Though you need 50 thousand user traffic in order to apply for Revcontent to monetize your blog still it has many good features.

Features of Revcontent Ad Network

  • It discovers the right audience at the right time. Quality traffic and targeting for the best marketing
  • It helps to monetize your content 30-50% higher than other Ad Networks
  • Widgets customization is easy
  • 250 Billion+ monthly recommendation
  • 3.0%+ average CTR



ClickAdilla is a smart Ad Network with the help of this you can increase your income. It has various Ad Formats, also, a new Ad Format, ‘Web Push’ is available whose benefits you will find down here. The pre-roll ad format is also available with which you can use video ads, size up to 15 MB with a minimum duration of 15 seconds. Detailed Statistics and Smart Pricing are also included.

Features of ClickAdilla Ad Network

  • Implementation is easy, fast & simple
  • High-quality traffic is provided & publishers can track earning by website traffic
  • A new feature “Capitalist” is added which is a smart online payment system, which lets you use different payment methods like Webmoney, Yandex, QIWI, Wire, VISA, Master Card, Bitcoin, etc. This feature is totally free and provides fast transfers
  • A new ad format (Web push) is available with the help of which advertising the adult landing is now possible but it still has some requirement



Revenuehits Ad Network is easy to implement and will help you to monetize your blogs easily and it’s a simple way to maximize the profit. It has over 20 thousand publishers worldwide with partners like Propeller Ads, ClickAdu, LeadWave, Link Shrink, etc.

Features of RevenueHits Ad Network

  • It’s simple to use and easy to join
  • Wide range of advertisers
  • Various payment methods are here like PayPal, Wire transfer & Payoneer
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold is only $20
  • With the help of the Robust optimization engine, it displays profitable ads



Clickadu is a famous Ad Network for publishers with so many ad formats for all platforms. It doesn’t require any minimum traffic so it’s best or new publishers to monetize their website and blog. They have a minimum of $100 payment threshold.

Features of Clickadu Ad Network

  • Clickadu is a user-friendly self-serve platform
  • It supports multiple payment methods like PayPal, Wire, Web Money, Payoneer, and Paxum
  • It has 360 degrees Ad coverage
  • Qualified support team
  • High eCPMs on 240+ countries
  • Minimum payment threshold of $100
  • Detailed statistics for your site
  • 100% fill rate
  • Fully managed and self-service with campaign optimization
  • Advanced targetting: geo, site, device type and more
  • Quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering



Optimization of ad units with AdBlade is so easy which makes it publisher-friendly Ad Network. It’s a content-style Ad network that requires traffic of five hundred thousand page views. Payment methods like PayPal, etc. are included.

Features of AdBlade Ad Network

  • AdBlade helps to maximize publisher eCPMs & revenue
  • It has flexible pricing models like CPM, CPC, Real-time bidding are used
  • Billions of impressions monthly on AdBlade
  • Custom ad sizes and formatting are here
  • For Advertiser, they have a lot of features like Robust Reporting. With this, advertisers can get details about their ads performing on publisher sites
  • It’s from the best Ad networks for web screening and content monitoring
  • For Advertisers, they assure their ads being seen from business people and consumers are most engaged

Hilltop Ads

Hilltop Ads

HilltopAds Ad Network is another best for monetizing and advertising nowadays. They provide many features for Publishers & Advertisers. They provide several Ad formats like Native Ads, Video Ads, Push Notifications, Pops, Direct Links, Display Banners which can publishers make real good money. Real-time statistics are now available.

Features of Hilltop Ads Ad Network

  • Monetizing with Hilltop ads will help you to make much money with high eCPM. You can monetize up to 30% more effectively than before
  • Payment can be done weekly via Bitcoin, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire, ePayService, and Paxum
  • No specific category of articles is required for monetizing. All are welcome. Monetize mobile and web traffic with Hilltop Ads
  • For Advertisers, it’s an easy self-service platform for Advertisers with high-quality unique traffic covering all GEO’s & all traffic are scanned and verified



PopAds is the latest Ad Network which is so advanced, they pay well, they take care of their members. They bring good quality traffic for publishers & top quality visitors for advertisers. They are fast, secure & most importantly unlike so many Ad Networks, they process payments requests daily. Choose PopAds if you don’t want to wait for months for earning and payments.

Features of PopAds Ad Network

  • Best paying advertising network.
  • High-quality traffic
  • More control on the ad content
  • Fast, efficient & secure service
  • Payments can be done daily
  • Perfect support service



Sulvo is a new technology and an intelligent platform for Advertisers as well as Publishers with awesome performance and can be called the best Adsense alternative. It helps to grow revenue in less time. Tools and knowledge can be gathered without any fee on Sulvo.

Features of Sulvo Network

  • It helps you to increase revenue
  • Better ad quality is provided on Sulvo
  • Hundreds of million ads are served monthly by Sulvo, so it’s great to choose it for Advertisers
  • Payment can be done by Wire, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paper Check, etc.
  • No unnecessary ads can be placed, so it’s user-friendly

Advantages of using high CPC Ad Networks

There are a lot of advantages to using high CPC Ad Networks which are:

  • It helps you to earn money easier and faster
  • You can choose the ads you like from a variety of ads
  • You can choose various types of ads like Display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads in Google Adsense Ad Network
  • Even if your site has low traffic, you can increase your revenue by using these high CPC Ad Networks
  • Good for publishers as well as for advertisers
  • Machine learning is used to make perfect decisions for the best ads to show on your website
  • It can be used on all platforms like mobile, tablets or PC
  • High CPC helps you to gain more revenue when your ads are clicked so make sure to use High CPC Keywords on your blog.

Complications in using high CPC Ad Networks

There can be many complications or difficulties using these Ad Networks.

  • Needs a good quality page for better earning
  • Needs great skills with on-page SEO in Google Adsense Ad Network.
  • In many Ad Networks, we need monthly traffic on our page to get monetized
  • Many rules and conditions need to be followed
  • Some Ad Networks won’t allow adult content & illegal stuff like drug selling
  • Ranking page higher on Google is not easy work
  • Needs a lot of patience while working on Ad Networks
  • Many types of payment programs are included in all Ad Networks like monthly threshold, payment release, etc
  • Some Ad Networks are not free to use
  • Your account may get a penalty if you click on your own ads

Top CPC Ad Networks for small publishers

If you just started blogging and want to choose which Ad Network you should use for monetizing your blog, then you should read our guide about Top CPC Ad Networks for small publishers and newcomers.

  1. Infolinks
  2. Google Adsense
  3. PropellerAds
  4. Media.net
  5. Fomo Ads

As you see, infolinks, Google Adsense and Media.net are some of the best Ad Networks which you can read in detail at the top of the article. Also, they are best to use when you are a small publisher or new in blogging. As they have unique & user-friendly features which can help you to get high revenue. PropellerAds & Fomo Ads, also are two good Ad Networks for new publishers that have unique ad formats that can help you get more revenue.



PropellerAds is an Ad Network founded in 2011, it uses some algorithms for finding their user’s interest for Advertisers and Publishers. They use display, video, native ads. It supports many payment methods like PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, etc.

Features of PropellerAds

  • The minimum payment threshold is just $5 and it’s weekly, it’s done every Thursday, not like Google Adsense
  • Minimum traffic required is zero to use PropellerAds which is awesome
  • Supported models are CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPA
  • PropellerAds supports English and non-English languages, but it has low revenue for non-English websites

Fomo Ads

Fomo Ads

Fomo Ads is an Ad Network, especially for small publishers. It’s the easiest way to earn money. It doesn’t need any minimum traffic to start showing ads on your page. It’s very fast to sign up in Fomo Ads. So it’s recommended if you don’t know much about Ad Networks, it’s better to go with the easy one and that’s Fomo Ads.

Features of Fomo Ads

  • Focus on highly targetted advertisements, it means the ads will be shown on your page will be related to your article
  • You don’t need minimum traffic to use Fomo Ads, anyone can join it
  • No minimum payment threshold required like many of Ad Networks
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • You can sign up with Fomo Ads easily and start earning after publishing your blog

Which Ad Network should I use & best for me?

Well, there are hundreds of Ad Networks and deciding which network you should use is a hard choice but not that hard if you read our article. We provided features of some top Ad Networks which surely you can use for monetizing your blog. There is Media.net, Google Adsense, Infolinks, and many more which you can choose. Also, if you are new and don’t know anything about monetization, you can choose between Infolinks, Google Adsense, Propeller Ads, Fomo Ads and Media.net. And choosing the best Ad Networks depends upon many things like payment methods, time (monthly, weekly), and many more things like adult landing, etc. There is still so much to research though.

How I make a good amount of money from blogging?

Making money is now simple with blogging but still, there are millions of websites and blogs, so how do we make a good amount of money. I have some tips, you can try using them.

  • Use high CPC Ad Networks like Media.net, Google Adsense, Infolinks, etc
  • Use high CPC Keywords to make more money even with low traffic
  • Use a quality blog and be perfect with on-page SEO techniques if you are using Google Adsense
  • The most important is to write what your users want to read. With that, they won’t be bored
  • Be consistent in blogging, you need to work smart

Final Verdict

As you completed reading our article on Highest CPC Ad Networks, now you know all the important things about these Ad Networks and their features which can decide you to choose which is perfect for your need. If you are a small publisher or a newcomer in the blogging world, make sure you got all the provided info on the top CPC Ad Networks for new & small publishers. So What you think now? I hope our article helped you to know about these Ad Networks. And if it did, make sure to comment us down below, also, if you have any query, make sure it reaches to us so that we can provide you help.

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